Why 8Scape is the World’s Best Sheet Music Folder


Q: What is 8Scape?

A: It’s a multi-page music presentation folder capable of holding up to eight pages of music (or other documents).

Q:  Why is 8Scape so great?

A: You only have to make 1-2 page turns to utilize up to 8 pages of music during practice or performance. If you’re not musical, it’s nice to have something that’s more professional then a binder, slimmer, and pretty much like a portable storyboard. It’s awesome for keeping papers organized and crisp.

Q: What else can you tell me about 8Scape?

The plastic that you insert the sheet music into is non-reflective meaning you won’t get blinded by glare. Awesome right?! Instead of inserting the sheet music “top-down” style, you can insert paper into 8Scape from the side. It’s a breeze to put paper into the folder and take it out again.

Q: Why shouldn’t I use my ipad or tablet instead?

A: Technology has made so many things really convenient. We love when that happens in our lives! Our team enjoys making notations directly on the music with pen or pencil. It’s a quick “in and out” with 8Scape to make notations where you need them on your music. In the end, we prefer the bigger size of real sheet music and having the ability to mark what we want and where we want.


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  1. Karen Olsen says:

    As a piano accompanist, 8Scape has greatly simplified the process of accessing sheet music accompaniment. I used to copy and tape together pages of music to eliminate the need to turn pages, but now it is so easy and convenient. It is also much more professional looking. Great idea!


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