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The Recital   Dear Friend:   I’m an amateur musician. It would be frightening to think somebody would pay to hear me perform. I’m good enough for a piano-recital-type-of-thing.  You know, with a captive audience of anxious parents, unruly siblings and smiling grandparents.  Everybody’s there for good cause; it’s just not for the music. Now, […]

How to Use the 8Scape Folder

Here’s your easy 1-2-3 on how to use the 8Scape folder! Enjoy!   Step #1 – Open your folder to the following position     Step # 2 – Making the first page turn   Step # 3 – Making the last turn   Step #4 – Open your folder so that four panels are […]

Why 8Scape is the World’s Best Sheet Music Folder

Q: What is 8Scape? A: It’s a multi-page music presentation folder capable of holding up to eight pages of music (or other documents). Q:  Why is 8Scape so great? A: You only have to make 1-2 page turns to utilize up to 8 pages of music during practice or performance. If you’re not musical, it’s […]